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G. Miller(non-registered)
In the Red Rock entry--the first 3 photos just knock you off your feet with the color and contrast--almost like they're "photo shopped". In the rest of them--the shifting light, and the natural striations and colors are just amazing. In #10--it looks like you're looking into a volcano, and #11 looks like a shawl had been draped over the shoulder of the mountain. And how about that tenacious little tree that has just a toe hold in a crack. Nature is wonderful, isn't it? Yep, Ry--"ya dun it agin."
Came over from FM and checked out your Red Rocks gallery, very cool! Love the Rainbow shots!
Teressa Lammert(non-registered)
wow! so many beautiful sunrises and sunsets! God has a way of being seen through your eyes. I love it!
Fabulous. I love the way you see things, these are breathtaking. Thank you for sharing.
Ryan - these are amazing!!!! You are soooooo talented... the world looks amazing through your eyes. Thanks for sharing!
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